3 Steps to Consolidating the Attraction

3 Steps to Consolidating the Attraction

Don’t think that your relationship has ended after you and your partner broke up. I advise that you  should be friends after resolving all your issues. And if you want to rebuild attraction from your ex and get back with her, read this article and follow the three steps.


There are times in any relationship that the passion wanes and the relationship dwindles. If this trend continues unabated, break up inevitably occurs. But breaking up is not the end of the relationship. In fact, it would be more advisable to be friends with your ex after all your issues have been resolved. If you want to get back together with your ex, you can follow these three steps to rebuilding the attraction.


Naturally, you should still have the connection with your ex. It means that you have forgiven each other and recognized that both of you committed mistakes and displayed immaturities. When you have arrived at this level of understanding, then it means that you are also open to the possibility of rebuilding the attraction between you.


(1) The first step you should follow to get back together with your ex is to start enjoying each other’s company. It could be a dinner date for old times’ sake or an informal get together at a local bagel shop or bar. When you get together, it means that you have resolved your issues and you have no hang ups with each other. Bitterness is a difficult thing to handle. You had better let go with such feelings. You will not be punishing the other person if you harbor bitterness, you are punishing yourself. Why don’t you let go of those bitterness and instead try to get back together with your ex through these three steps to rebuilding the attraction.


(2) Secondly, when you get together, you can reminisce about your good times together. This is a good way for you to remember the feelings you used to have with each other. When you go to places you used to go, the emotions and the passions you used to have for each other would start welling back into the surface. Naturally, there will also be times that old wounds may open again. In this regard, both of you should have the maturity and the openness to deal with them without fear and squirming. The past is the past and no amount of dealing and wallowing with them will change what happened. This leads us to the third part of the three steps to rebuilding the attraction.


(3) Be honest with your feelings with your ex. Since you still love her, why don’t you tell her so? You have to be careful though and be sensitive to her situation. Do not be oversensitive though as it might take you forever to get back together with your ex.


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