Automobiles Companies With Various New Technologies And Insurance Plans

Automobiles Companies With Various New Technologies And Insurance Plans
The automotive industry in the India is one of the largest in the world. The India is the world’s second largest manufacturer of motorcycles, with annual sales exceeds up to 8.5 million in 2009. India’s passengers car and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is the seventh most largest in the whole world, with an annual production of more than 2.6 million units in year 2009.In year 2009, India emerged as Asia’s fourth most largest exporter of passenger cars, behind Japan, South Korea and Thailand countries.
The new bikes market has grown up to very remarkable heights since more than last five decades. Many world class bikes have been manufactured by both domestic and international are offering many new bikes in India. The Hero Honda, Suzuki, TVS, Yamaha, and Kinetic are few best manufacturers and suppliers of the new bikes to the Indian bike market. Let us have a look to few of the best new bikes in India.
The New Hero Honda Bikes
The Hero Honda, a very own trusted name in the Indian bike market that so far has delivered some of the best bikes running on the India roads.
Hero Honda Hunk
Hero Honda Karizma
New Yamaha Bikes
Yamaha YZF
Yamaha FZ
New Suzuki Bikes
Suzuki GS150R
Suzuki Zeus
In very few years the automobile company in India has grown up by leaps and bounds. This phenomenal growth at the high rate is owing to two factors mainly, which are better to standard of living of the Indian middle class and a subsequent rise in their disposable income which in turn increases the purchasing power in adding to the growth of the automobile industry as a whole and the automobile companies in particular.
According to a market survey results the automobile technology has increased the sale of the passenger cars have increased by three folds than what it used to be five years down the line. Apparently there are more than 1 million passenger cars which are already on the Indian roads and the figure only promises to increase as the days go by. Be it very small cars, a medium cars or the luxury cars all have their target customers and all doing well in the market so much so that global giants from USA and Japan are entering the Indian automobile sector and working in collaboration with the Indian automobile majors.
The insurance of every vehicle is important. The automobile insurance has some special circumstances which are as follows:-
The Extra premium is to be paid on the electrical and electronic equipments which don’t come as the part of the factory fitting but are bought separately or imported from abroad.
Vehicles which are fitted with LPG or CNG kit have to be insured by payment of extra premium to them
If the geographical area it is needs to be extended to other South East Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
Vehicles fitted with a fiber glass fuel tank are insured

The discounts are also available on the premium payments under special circumstances which are when the car is a Vintage one than it is done, When No claim or bonus has not been utilized, If the owner is a member of a recognized automobile Association team, If the vehicle is fitted with an ant-theft devices, If the vehicle which is specially modified only for the usage of physically challenged people, If the vehicle is used within the insurer’s premises and sites.

In automobile india now all major automobile companies launches new technology with new bikes, cars, heavy vechiles and more.

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