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Some cool cash advance images:

Cash Advance
cash advance
Image by Steve Rhode
Pictures that I took for articles I am writing for my site about payday loans.

cash advance
Image by Viktor Hertz

This is my most ambitious, and maybe also the best, personal work I’ve done so far. I decided to pick a few bands and artists from the rock genre and make pictogram posters for them. Instead of just putting one single pictogram in each poster, like in my previous ‘Pictogram music posters’, I made as many as I could possibly come up with for each artist, and jammed them into one single poster. There is a total of 234 song pictograms in these posters. I started this project Jan 15th 2012, so I’ve been working on this for about five months. I am really happy and proud to be able to present them now.

The bands and artists that I chose are: David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. I’m aware of the absence of female artists in this list. I’m sorry about that, and I will try to make up for it in future projects.

A big thanks (as always) to The Noun Project ( This is where all the original pictograms come from, and I could not express my gratitude enough to these guys!

If you like them, please make a pledge over here:

I am crowdfunding the printing of these posters, so please, make a pledge and spread the word! I am really hoping to be able to print them and make them available for sale, so I appreciate all kind of help doing this, whether it’s buying a poster or share the link online.

Thank you so much in advance, I hope you like my new project!



Advance America Cash Advance
cash advance
Image by taberandrew
Payday Advances! WOW! Good ol’ payday loan joints. Aye.
West End; Henrico County VA

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