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making money
Image by Jkadavoor (Jee)
…to help me and my little friends. 😉

Hope you all know that all of the photos I shared here are taken with a Panasonic compact zoom camera. Recently one of my friend here gifted me a Sony SLT A33 DSLR along with the 17-50 mm Tamron lens. It helped me to take new pictures with a bit more quality and resolution. Now a few of my friends make an initiative to find some money to buy a macro lens for to boost my works.


Jee and his Little Friends.

500,000 views! thank you!
making money
Image by meeyak
over 500,000 yesterday. So awesome. Thank you to everybody that helped along the way.

This photo is a free download or wallpaper. It is uploaded and available full size. Just click the down arrow on the bottom right of the photo. Do whatever you want with it except use it for commercial projects (make money off it)

making money
Image by Tax Credits
Money being cut into many pieces

We have made this image available for anyone to use. Please credit our site as the source if you do.

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