Crisis: Collect The Debts And Continue

Crisis: Collect The Debts And Continue
Despite the great promises of international politics because the crisis persists and strategies to get out in the best way to be compiled with a fair and balanced comparison of various entrepreneurial, and professional economists. And the young entrepreneurs put their best hopes. In fact, they are asked not to hide behind the crisis and politics but of being exposed by exposing their ideas and their efforts to raise the crisis not only economic but also of people.
It ‘clear that the spending power of citizens is severely compromised and that many borrowers now invest their resources in the sale without recourse and with the help of family businesses, however small entities affected by the crisis in a lower other.

Industry representatives present at Reggio Emilia, however, outlined a less worrisome signs as there are signs of recovery in many sectors, stressing however the need to wait until 2013 to return to pre-crisis levels of productivity. However, manufacturers have said they expect as a growth uneven because the market is still strong recovery outstanding claims still necessary given the lack of growth in the Italian context and the high rate of unemployment is still alarming when compared to the standards of other European countries.
Certainly areas that are still in a phase of strong pain are those that deal with agricultural mechanics and construction and the hydraulic industry, battered areas in 2009, a slight recovery. The strategy is used by companies to withstand the crisis were mainly those of internationalization and specialization in products made in Italy and niche market which is always constant despite the difficult time in which the factor of missing payments is much less frequent views of the many custom orders and direct contact with the manufacturer.
Even the professional sector has suffered heavily since the crisis with the crisis of the developers is inevitable difficulties of those working for them. Particularly for the building sector, and all architects, engineers and designers to follow the line to maintain active business operations is certainly one of the specialization in a particular area without wanting to do a bit ‘of everything. The responsibility must be the distinctive feature and highlights from the crowd. Sins that still persists is certainly that of being young and wanting to take a road test: access to credit are still very difficult, many difficulties and the climate of general mistrust certainly does not help development.

Only sector that has positively affected the crisis was that of accountants and similar professionals that with the increase in bankruptcies, layoffs and other paperwork has seen significantly increased workload. It remains to be hoped that with the spread of a culture of strict fiscal their work remains intact and productive allowing these specialists to fully assume the role of intermediary between state enterprises and citizens.

By Martina Celegato with support from Recredit

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