Fast Ethernet: Your Gateway To The Fastest Connection Available

Fast Ethernet: Your Gateway To The Fastest Connection Available
Have you ever heard of fast Ethernet? Allow us to introduce you to one of the fastest Internet speeds available today. The ordinary Ethernet has a speed of only ten megabytes per second, and the fast Ethernet surpasses that. Amazing isn’t it? The ordinary Ethernet is known as 10Base-T, referring to its speed per second, the new and improved is now called 100Base-T. Let me tell you more about it.

If you are working in a company or if you own one, you are probably familiar with the term LAN, or Local Area Network. This is the network which you connect to, allowing you to gain access to important information which is necessary for your daily office work. Once you attach the cable to the port, you get instant access to the office network. But LAN wasn’t always as fast as Fast Ethernet. Let us take a look at the evolution in order to understand more about it.

The first LAN connections were really slow, as slow as two megabytes per second. This was due to the material used for the cable. They were using coaxial cables back then, which did not really give out good results when it comes to speed. They basically set up a few computers that were interconnected in a network, which is called LAN.

Then the UTP wires came. As technology improved, more advancement in LAN connectivity was discovered. People found more ways to increase the speed of the connection. This time, they found it through the twisted UTP cable. Their twisted feature allows it to be able to be bent and manipulated in any way possible. Its cables were so thin that it was easy to fit them in really small spaces and corners.

More changes took place for the better, and the hub connection came. Hubs now replaced the drops sent from the cables; they were now interconnected through hub ports. Although the system did not change much, people preferred this back then.

The first ever Ethernet that took LAN by storm was the 10Base-T network or Ethernet LAN. It dramatically increased the speed to a whooping ten megabytes per second. But as companies grew and their needs changed, the need for more speed came, and people had to look at the Ethernet as nothing but a slow connection.

Giving out a speed of 100 megabytes per second, the speed really improved and satisfied everyone’s need for a faster connection. The innovations were such a breakthrough that most companies are still using Fast Ethernet today.

Today, there are more innovations that can surpass the speed of the Fast Ethernet. There are plenty of things to watch out for, especially since companies are planning to get increased speeds. If you want a faster speed connection for your company, ask your service provider about the best speed available today or ask them about what truly fits the needs of your company. You might not need the fast speed and you could be wasting money on really high LAN connections. Fast Ethernet can change the LAN speed connection of your company but be sure that you really need it.

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