How To Improve Wireless Network?

How To Improve Wireless Network?

Would you like to set a home or office network to connect multiple PCs to other devices such as printers, files, or an Internet connection to share resources? If so, wireless network is perhaps the best choice. With this network you can avoid the mess of wires and cables involved. In many cases, we get complain that the users experience a weak Wi-Fi signal. It may also happen that there is connection loss entirely in some parts of your home or office. How to deal with this problem? In this article we will discuss on how you can improve speed and performance of your wireless network.

To have better signal and connectivity, you need to set the wireless router, modem router, or access point in a central location in your home or office. In most of the cases, if the device is against an outside wall of your home, it is seen that the users experience weak signal on the other side of the home. Is the router on the first floor? And your PC or laptop is on the second floor? If yes, then also you may experience the problem.

The antennas of the router broadcast in all directions around the router. Due to this reason, if you place the router is close to an outside wall a large portion of the signal is sent outside your home. So, if you are using a router with a removable antenna, then replace the antenna with a high-gain antenna that delivers wireless signals in only one direction.

For better signal you can add a wireless repeater. The job of the repeater is to extend the wireless network range. You need to place the wireless repeater halfway between your wireless router and you will experience an instant boost to your wireless signal strength. There are various wireless-N repeaters from companies like ViewSonic, D-Link, Linksys, Hawking Hi-Gain, and Buffalo Technology.

To improve your wireless network, you need to update your firmware or your network adapter driver. All the router manufacturers make improvements to their routers on a regular basis. For this the user don’t need to pay any extra money. These need to be done due to increase performance of the router. To get the update, explore the router manufacturer’s website.

It is always recommended to get the equipment from a single vendor. It is true that a Linksys router may work with a D-Link network adapter but if you would like to have the best performance, it is recommended to opt for a router and network adapter from the same vendor. For wi-fi setup or for any other tech support you can get in touch with an online computer repair company.

For Computer Repair in New Zealand, there are many remote computer support providers. These companies offer reasonably priced computer repair support to the PC users.

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