How to Improve Your Wireless Signal

How to Improve Your Wireless Signal

Wireless technology has been around since 1999 and in this time has been embraced by many people. In fact, is now used in many homes and offices to give extra mobility and flexibility where you want to work or surf the Internet.

However there can’t be a number of things that can affect a signal, which can make it unfortunately a little bit more difficult to connect from your PC or laptop. The issue happens when you get the first signal quality as you move around your home. This is mainly due to objects being in the way such as walls, glass and metal which make it quite difficult for the signal to penetrate through.

There are a number of things you can do to improve the signal strength. The first is to try and centrally locate your router, if it’s in the center of your home to will find that the signal strength will improve unfortunately not many people can do this because you need are and normally your broadband connection is on a socket that on a wall. Moving him to router away from this wall will unseat improve the signal also as you are probably using 50% of the signal to the outside of your home.

There are a number of antenna extenders on the market today that can also help solve the issue. These antennas will help extend the range of the signal improve the overall signal strength and quality. There are also a USB adapters that can be plugged into your PC or laptop with this you can point it toward your router again this will improve the overall signal quality.

Although we’ve said already got WiFi networks are within you to have more mobility around your home using it is important to also make sure that the signal strengths is as strong as possible in the locations you need. It’s really just a matter of experimenting with moving the access point and finding a location that this works better.

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