Improve Your Business Wireless Connection

Improve Your Business Wireless Connection
The internet plays a huge role in companies today, from communication between branches to doing research on work. You just need the internet to go down for an afternoon to feel the power it has over a business. With wireless connections, it might not be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has gone down, but your PC might just be out of range, causing temporary disconnection.

There are various ways to improve a wireless connection to ensure that all PCs that are in range get 24-hour access. Speak to your ISP provider about improving your router and equipment. There are also other logistical steps that a company can take to improve connections.

The first practical option is placing your router in a central position. If you have an open office, using wireless is perfect. Place the router in the centre of the room, above the ground and away from walls and any type of metals or other disruptions. An example of a metal disruption would be filing cabinets.

Disruptions to wireless connections can be caused by cordless phones. It has been discovered that 2.4GHz cordless phones generally cause the most disruptions to wireless connections. Update to 5.8GHz or 900MHz and the problem should be solved.

If disruption is still an issue for your company, then try adjusting the channels on the router. Wireless networks can work on a range of frequencies, similar to a radio. You don’t need to change the channel on the PCs using the wireless as they automatically adjust themselves.

If placing the router in a central location is not an option for you, then check the antenna. If you are sending signals to laptops that are fairly new, then you don’t have to worry about this. Laptops that have been created in the last couple of years have built in antenna’s that are strong and efficient. If you are connecting PCs, then check the antennae that you are using.

The standard antennae are omni-directional. This means they broadcast in all directions around the router. Speak to your ISP provider about a hi-gain antenna. This antenna sends signals in one direction only. Point the antenna in the direction where connection is needed the most.

If it is range that is causing the connection to go down, then ask your ISP company about getting a wireless repeater. A repeater can be placed at critical points between the access point and the PC. This will immediately strengthen your connection between these two points.

Wireless is fast becoming the most efficient way to connect to the internet. It has advanced from the old days when PCs used to huddle around the router. Technology has grown to the point where whole offices should be able to connect wirelessly for a reliable connection. If you are still having problems, then perhaps the best solution is to get an ISP that can assist you with getting what you need to run your company.

Celeste writes for Star Internet Business, who specialise in ISP.

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