Mindset and Your Home Business

Mindset and Your Home Business

If you are thinking about starting your own home-based business, you’re mindset is going to play an important role as to whether you build a truly successful business, or not. It has been quoted that “whether you believe you can, or you can’t do something – you are right!” If you are starting out with a belief that you will probably fail because that has been your experience in the past – then guess what? – you will more than likely fail or at least your results will be less than desirable.

So how do we change this underlying negative belief system to make it possible for us to succeed beyond our expectations? Many will say that “positive thinking is the answer” and whilst there is a degree of truth in this statement, it is very difficult for us to “positive think” our way out of a lifetime of limiting beliefs that have been embedded within our subconscious minds, ever since we were children. From the time we were born until the age of 7 years of age, our minds are still in the process of developing a critical facility and so our subconscious minds are wide open to suggestions from all of the adult or older influences that surround us. If a child is repeatedly told that he/she is stupid, then the subconscious mind will accept this negative suggestion and it becomes a belief. Even when reaching adulthood, this underlying negative belief will tend to control our behaviour, responses and perceptions of the world around us until that negative suggestion is removed and replaced with a more appropriate positive suggestion.

Some will give huge credit to “willpower” as being the answer, however – when the will and the imagination are in conflict – it is the imagination that will win the battle every time. When the imagination and the will are in agreement, the results are multiplied.

So how to we tap into the subconscious mind to create lasting change? Positive affirmations can be used over time to change a limiting belief, however this does take a lot more time than other methods such as self hypnosis.

To create lasting change, it is necessary to firstly identify a limiting belief, such as (I don’t deserve to be successful) and then create a postive statement which is “emotionally charged” and always in the present tense such as, (I am successful, I deserve success and it feels wonderful as I continue to create success in every area of my life). This can be used as an affirmation, and repeated many times a day over 2 – 3 months an beyond.

If you choose to learn self hypnosis, you will be accessing your subconscious mind directly and in doing so, shortening the time it takes to notice positive changes in your life. Whilst in the state of Hypnosis, your conscious critical mind is subdued and the powerful subconscious mind is much more accessible.

The best way to learn self hypnosis is to make an appointment with a qualified Hypnotherapist so that you can experience the hypnotic trance state. Most hypnotherapists will be able to teach you self hypnosis so that you can easily access the state, and then apply what we refer to as auto- suggestion. Even if you are learning self hypnosis from a book, it would be beneficial to visit a qualified Hypnotherapist at least one time to help you understand the experience and to be able to identify the hypnotic trance state.

Mindset and starting a home-based business – How to make positive mindset changes by utilising affirmations and/or self hypnosis.

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