Morris Insurance Deals Online

Morris Insurance Deals Online

Morris motorcars have a large and affectionate following with a number of UK Morris owners clubs still in existence within the UK and Europe. Morris enthusiasts maintain surviving Car models and many Car Models can still be found in use on the roads of Great Britain. If any car from the Morris range is still held in great high esteem in is the Iconic Morris Minor. Minors were designed as a cheap and practical car for the working classes and as such have remained in affection of a sizeable band of Minor enthusiasts. Morris cars have become quite valuable collectors items with a thriving market from collectors and as such Morris Insurance deals are harder to find.

The Morris Motor Company began life in 1910 and was the brainchild of William Morris a former Bicycle manufacturer. Morris first Factory was based in Cowley, Oxford and was opened in 1913 a year in advance of the start of World War 1.William Morris plan was to produce an initial two-seater automobile with many components being bought in and sourced from abroad. The result was the Morris Oxford a two-seater car nicknamed the “Bullnose” because of its bulbous front end.

William Morris soon realised that a Four seater model was required for the his Car range to tap into the growing automobile market which was then at the start of WW1 in its infancy in Great Britain as it was throughout the world. From 1915 production was started on the Morris Cowley a two and four seater model named after the area of the Morris Car Factory site in Oxford. Morris soon gained a reputation for high quality cars culminating in the classic Morris Oxford. By 1924 The Morris Car Company had become the largest car manufacturer in the UK out selling the huge Ford Motor Corporation. and were also producing cars from their Coventry factory.

And had started to branch out into the sports car market with the start of production of sporty models re badge as the MG brand and produced in Oxford through the Cecil Kimber agency. By 1928 they had entered the small car market and had produced what was to become their most iconic car the Morris Minor. With the Growth of the Morris motor company smaller British car manufacturers were acquired such as the sports car manufacturer Riley. By 1952 Morris was merged with its long time rival the Austin Motor Company to form the British Motor Company or BMC for short
This put the makers MG, Morris, Riley and Wolseley under the same management. By 1968 BMC had been merged again with the newly founded BLMC better known as the British Leyland Motor Corporation. The Morris Badge was retained and still in use by British Leyland until the mid 1980s on models such as the Marina and Ital. The last Morris car rolled off the production line in 1984 ante former Morris production plant in Cowley was re tooled for the production of other BLMC marques such as Rover and Austin. Morris Cars are still held in great esteem amongst collectors and the Morris Owners Club of Great Britain. As such many Morris car owners require specialist insurance and the best Morris Insurance Deals can be found online.

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