Program to Improve Reading Speed

Program to Improve Reading Speed

With the massive abundance of technology today, there are many different speed reading programs to choose from. So which ones are the better ones if not the best? The problem with many speed reading programs available today is that they will tend to make some absurd claims. For example, what would you think of a program that promises you will read 2500 words per minute after the speed reading program is complete? Would you believe them knowing that the average reader does about 300 to 400 words per minute? In addition, if you cannot attend a speed reading course regularly and have a strong desire to increase your reading speed and comprehension, there are many good speed reading software programs available online.

With the increase of information being thrown at us every single day, the need for increased reading skills becomes quite apparent. In addition to all of the information coming at us, many individuals’ lives have become quite hectic with activity. The speed reading software companies online have begun to grow tremendously in numbers in order to help everyone with these issues.

There is a lot to learn and develop if you plan to read 2500 WOM (words per minute)! Yet, nobody said it is impossible. However, this is considering real reading and not a pleasure novel skimmer which many individuals tend to do. The skimming style of reading is not true speed reading and reading comprehension is very limited. The speed reading programs here are referred to those which will help you out in business, college, high school, workplace and more.

Having reading comprehension skills is very important for our day to day lives as simply skimming 20 pages of legal documents about what you may owe for a lawsuit will not do in most cases. This is what speed reading programs help you do. We last mentioned 2500 WPM claims; we did not include the even more obnoxious claims of over 10,000 WPM! We decided it was pretty ludicrous, but people buy into it.

The point of this section is to inform you of the possible rip-off speed reading programs and to be sure that you really do your research on the many speed reading programs that are currently available online and more.

Some of the better online programs for speed reading include: The Reader’s Edge, Ace Reader Pro, Rocket Reader, Ultimate Speed Reader, Speed Your Read, Letter Chase Speed Reader, Stretch, Really Easy Reader, Rapid Reader, Speed Reading, Magic Speed Reading, and Best Reader.

With many speed reading software programs, what you usually come across are flashing objects and more that your eyes have to follow at certain rates in order to increase your eyes’ adjustments as this does help with many individuals’ speed reading skills as speed reading is a physical skill as well as mental memorization and comprehension skills. The best speed reading software has more than just exercises, it all comes down to how fast can you actually read and comprehend. It all helps but a good speed reading software will have plenty of speed reading exercises, testing, textual material and overall guidance from the professionals who put the speed reading software together.

Overall, a good speed reading software program will increase your reading speed. Good speed reading software also provides easy to use functions in order to help the student learn how to use it quickly and easily in order to be able to concentrate on increasing their speed reading skills in contrast to simply giving up because the speed reading software is too hard to use. One of the very first speed reading software programs developed is called Vortex speed reading software and it is still in use today. It has shown to be very effective in its teaching methods and any speed reading software that has a proven track record should always be researched to assure the user of its advantages. When used properly and followed through upon, speed reading software can provide those new to speed reading a whole new avenue to travel which, when done properly and consistently, can prove VERY effective with amazing speed reading results overall.

Clinton Broxton is a speed reading expert and author of Improve Your Reading Speed.

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